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Multistory Residential Fire Action Guide
Author: admin Updated: 2017-06-22

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I. Textual explanation (35 minutes)

1. Fire characteristics of multi-storey houses (20 minutes)

Cause a fire. Households in the kitchen, living room, bedroom, storage room, etc., may cause fire due to the use of electrical, gas, etc .; the stairwell may cause fire due to the stop of electric car, motorcycle, or stacked debris; the basement stores chemicals, Electricity may cause fire; there are combustible materials on the balcony of the house, which can cause fire due to flying fires (fireworks, etc.).

The fireworks expanded. When there is a fire in the home, there are many combustibles, the fire is fierce, and the temperature is high; after the fire, it will spread through doors, windows, and even the outer wall (see London? How many people are dead!) Smoke will enter through the door Stairwells; the fire will spread for about 15 minutes or less, and the smoke will spread in about 3-5 minutes.

Dangerous features. Smoke is the biggest danger. The temperature is high and the toxicity is high. You cannot escape after being filled with stairs. After the fire on the ground floor, the smoke rises. The residents on the top floor are extremely dangerous and may be poisoned by carbon monoxide. After the fire on the ground floor, the whole building is the most dangerous and easy to pass Stairs, windows and exterior walls spread upwards.

Fire case. (1) A fire on a 5th-floor residential building, at 21:00 on February 25, 2005, due to the spontaneous combustion of motorcycles parked in the corridor, which killed 3 people on the 5th floor. (2) A fire on a 6-story residential building in Qingdao, 2013 ...... After the fire on the 5th floor due to the fire on the electric blanket, the smoke entered the 6th floor loft, 4 people who rented it died of carbon monoxide poisoning, 3 people jumped off the building and injured 1 person.

Of course, the big guys can also learn from the fires of residents in London or other fires in the village.

2. Action guide for fires in multi-storey houses (10 minutes)

Case assumptions. In a 7-story residential building, a fire broke out in the kitchen at 3 am.

Action procedure

(1) Action procedures during the fire phase

A. When you find (perceive) a fire (the way to find it is usually to smell the smoke or hear the sound), you should get up slowly (that is, don't sit up sharply, because you are afraid that the fire will happen in the bedroom, and the roof is already hot) Smoke, sit up suddenly and insert your head into the smoke, three or four Baidu, the consequences ... 啧啧. Of course, on the other hand, it is also easy to cause blood supply problems due to sit up, dizziness, etc.)

B. Calmly judge the ignition point. Open your eyes, pat your face, clear your head, and make a preliminary judgment: Is it a fire, and is it in the bedroom of Master Ben (Homiya, Ben Gong, Master Ben)?

(2) Action procedure when judging fire in bedroom

A. Get out of bed immediately (for example, you can use a side roll to keep your posture as low as possible), go out in a low posture, close the room door, and then switch to the alarm, rescue, or escape state.

(3) Action procedures for judging that the fire did not occur in the bedroom

A. After it is clear that the bedroom is not on fire, you should get up as low as possible (to prevent carbon monoxide in the smoke from infiltrating into the bedroom, which may be poisoned when you are in a high position), and go to the bedroom door to do the next step.

B. Determine whether you can open the door and go out. The method is to touch the door handle with the back of your hand. If it is not hot, you can go out.

C. Go out in a tentative low posture, and switch to the state of alarm, save, and escape.

(4) Alarm action procedure

A. (Shouting) Give priority to people in other bedrooms, so that they don't move first, be prepared for fire fighting and escape, pay attention to the way, volume, and protect your respiratory tract when speaking, do not shout in thick smoke.

B. Call a relative, let him call the fire brigade, and call 119 (not recommended for children, children after elementary school, can).

C. The alarm runs through the entire operation. One is to maintain mutual contact, the other is to conduct consultation and encouragement, and the third is to provide information to the fire brigade.

It should be noted that the reporting of fire alarms must be carried out under the premise of their own safety. You cannot call 119 immediately when a fire occurs.

(5) Fire fighting action procedure (this step can be skipped)

A. After it is clear that the kitchen is on fire, determine whether you can extinguish the fire (of course, according to your usual understanding and mastery, do not temporarily turn the manual).

B. If judged to be capable of extinguishing fire. Then, immediately copy the guy, use a fire extinguisher, and pay attention to extinguishing the fire two to three meters away from the flame. When walking past, pay attention to smoke prevention. If the smoke is heavy, lower your posture or crawl over (you must be clear about your ability to move and have confidence). At the same time, you must notify the vulnerable people in your home to escape first to ensure safety.

C. The use procedure of the portable dry powder fire extinguisher is: unplug the safety pin, hold the front end of the nozzle in one hand (with a nozzle, it will spray randomly if you do not take it, your face, eyes will be covered with powder), and press it with one hand. Try to use a squatting position when fighting fires to prevent smoke injuries. Try to extinguish the fire while looking at the fire surface, and do not spray fire extinguishing agents.

D. If judged to be incapable of fire fighting. Then immediately escaped with his family, thirty-six schemes, go as far as possible.

(6) Escape Action Procedure

A. Remember to close the door when escaping from the door; remember to close the door when escaping from the door. Prevent the spread of fire.

B. Enter the stairwell, pay attention to judging the timing, make sure that there is no smoke or smoke, wear as much clothes as possible (if available) to prevent skin burns, and try not to breathe or breathe lightly when there is a small amount of smoke in the corridor.

(7) Procedures for stranded assistance

A. If you feel hot when you touch the door, it means that the outdoor temperature is very high, fire and smoke are approaching, and the smoke layer has fallen to a level that is high enough to cause death (below 1 meter), you cannot go out, immediately turn to the alarm and wait for rescue .

B. Immediately notify (shout) (mobile phone) family members in other rooms not to open the door.

C. According to the prior agreement, use a towel or the like to plug the door of the household, and cool with water (if there is water).

D. Open the window and alert the people outside (shaking animals, lighting, flashlights, etc., or making sounds from parabolic objects).

E. Call 119 and keep telling the scene if possible.

F. If the smoke has entered the room, consider using the escape rope to transfer to the next floor.

G. Ask the next-level neighbor to cooperate and transfer other family members.

H. Other mutual assistance escape methods (such as the use of slow descenders, etc.).

(8) Other action procedures (this step can be skipped)

A. Meet the fire brigade downstairs, pay attention to keep in touch with the fire brigade by phone, inform the fire situation, and cooperate with the firefighters who are present to maintain order or extinguish the fire.

B. Cooperate with the fire department to extinguish fires, rescue people, and investigate fires.

3. Precautions for fire escape in multi-storey houses (3 minutes)

(1) The most important issue is to report a fire alarm. Reporting to the family is the most important. When you have the ability, report to other people and 119.

(2) It is extremely important to prevent smoke inhalation. The method is to lower your posture, cover your mouth, and reduce breathing. When a non-owner catches fire, do not go out to avoid the risk of smoke from the stairs.

(3) Jumping is not recommended for the third floor and above. As a last resort, you should do as much preparation as possible when jumping.

(4) It is important to stay calm. The impulse is the devil. At the critical moment, it is better to use the aura in my head.

(5) Special things need to be done. If the outer wall is flammable insulation material, or the home is equipped with central air conditioning, that is to say, fire or smoke can be burned in from the window and blown in from the air conditioning outlet, then pay close attention to it, analyze and judge, and make a timely determination See if you run or stay in the house.

(6) Use a rope or a slow-down device with caution. Because, this is relatively difficult. Depends on your physical strength, psychological quality and peacetime training. At the same time, it depends on whether the external wall is burning or not, and you must prevent objects falling above you from hitting you. As for the sheets, don't think about it as much as possible.

4. Equipment for multi-storey residential fire escape (2 minutes)

(1) Independent fire detector (first important).

(2) Fire extinguisher, dry powder or liquid.

(3) Flashlight.

(4) Escape rope, or slow-down device (with belt).

(5) Smokeproof mask.

Jiangxi Hurricane Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Xinyu City, where the Seven Immortals are born. It has more than 20 years of development history. At present, it has become a high-tech enterprise with rich local characteristic industries and social security in Jiangxi. Sales and fire engineering design, construction, technical services ...
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